Hayne was a male Human of the planet Turkana IV in the mid-24th century and lived in the Earth colony.

Hayne joined the Coalition, one of the two factions in the colony. He was subsequently implanted with one of the government's proximity detectors. He met Ishara Yar, sister to Natasha Yar, who was also in the group. Hayne was quite loyal to the group and had become its leader by 2367. He was a charismatic person who believed he was instrumental in keeping the peace. He often orchestrated raids of equipment stores of the rival Turkana IV Alliance.

In 2367, Hayne learned of the presence of the Federation ship Arcos and its captured crew, and of the USS Enterprise-D that had come to rescue them. He met with Commander William T. Riker when the crew beamed down to find them. He initially attempted to trade his help for weapons, as the Alliance had just found a large amount of them, however, he learned that the crew was close to Yar's sister. This presented an opportunity to manipulate them.

He offered to help the Enterprise rescue their people from the Alliance for fear of them giving in to the Alliance's demands instead. Hayne sent Yar to the Enterprise to help them. In reality, this was part of the plot to disable the Alliance's defensive grid, so that his soldiers could attack the rival faction. Hayne suggested that if someone on the Enterprise could remove Yar's implant, she could lead them to the Federation crew. Once the implant was gone, Yar could instead disable the defensive grid while inside Alliance territory. However, Data and Riker, after rescuing the crew, stopped her as she was disabling the fusion generator.

Hayne argued vehemently with Jean-Luc Picard to have Yar back. Despite the transgressions against Federation members, Picard agreed to send her back. (TNG: "Legacy")

Hayne was played by actor Don Mirault.