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Hatil Garan was a Vhnori citizen. He was married to Loria and had children. His father had been dead for over three years by 2371.

In 2371, after sustaining an injury, Hatil was chosen to be sent to the Next Emanation by his family. Hatil thought he was too much of a burden for his family and agreed to be euthanized, not questioning his people's belief that he would see his loved ones again in the Next Emanation. After Harry Kim's told him about the dimension his people call the Next Emanation, Hatil began to have doubts about the afterlife. Hatil decided not to undergo the ritual, and Kim convinced Hatil to switch places with him so that Kim could be returned to his dimension. Hatil escaped into the Cararian Mountains, with his family believing him to have died. (VOY: "Emanations")

Hatil was played by Jefrey Alan Chandler.

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