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Harry Otto is a set designer and art director for films and television productions. He was one of the many set designers who worked on 2009's Star Trek. He previously worked under Star Trek's supervising art director, Keith P. Cunningham, on the films Van Helsing and Rent.

Otto was nominated for an Excellence in Production Design Awards from the Art Directors Guild for his work on the Steven Spielberg films A.I. Artificial Intelligence and Minoirty Report. Otto and Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek Nemesis set designer Martha Johnston were nominated for an Excellence in Production Design Award for their work on the 2003 film The Last Samurai, which was written by Nemesis scribe John Logan. Otto and Johnston then won an Excellence in Production Design Award for their work on Spielberg's The Terminal, which Jude Ciccolella and Zoë Saldana.

In addition, Otto and fellow Star Trek set designers Kevin Cross, Andrea Dopaso, and Anne Porter all worked on the 2007 film Spider-Man 3, which starred James Cromwell and Kirsten Dunst. Otto also worked with Kevin Cross on Rent and with Andrea Dopaso on The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas and Van Helsing. Otto worked with Star Trek art director Luke Freeborn on Van Helsing, as well; Otto and Freeborn also collaborated on Minority Report and The Terminal. Other Star Trek set designers and art directors Otto has worked with include Curt Beech (on Failure to Launch), Dawn Brown Manser (on A.I. Artificial Intelligence), and Andrew Reeder (on Imposter).

Otto was an art director for the first ten episodes of the 2007 season of the hit Fox Network series 24. Alexander Siddig was a recurring guest star on the series at this time. More recently, Otto was an assistant art director on the 2008 action comedy Tropic Thunder (featuring Reggie Lee) and Bedtime Stories (featuring Paul Dooley and Keri Russell).

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