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Harrad-Sar was an Orion privateer who attempted to capture Jonathan Archer, who was considered a fugitive in the Orion Syndicate due to his liberation of a slave market on Verex III earlier in the year.

Harrad-Sar initially made contact with Enterprise NX-01 claiming that he wanted to establish a mining agreement between the Syndicate and Starfleet. As a gesture of goodwill, he presented Archer with a gift of three Orion slave girls, Navaar, D'Nesh and Maras.

It soon became clear that the three Orions were attempting to manipulate members of the crew to facilitate Enterprise's capture. Doctor Phlox discovered that Orion females produce extremely potent pheromones, which caused the males of the crew to display increased aggression, and made them extremely susceptible to suggestion. D'Nesh was able to manipulate Commander Kelby into sabotaging Enterprise's warp engines, leaving them unable to escape before Harrad-Sar's arrival. When Harrad-Sar finally did return, he revealed to Archer that the females were, in fact, in control, and he was simply carrying out their wishes. Harrad-Sar used a grappler to capture and tow Enterprise, but his ship was disabled due to the efforts of Commanders Tucker and T'Pol, who were unaffected by the Orions' pheromones due to a telepathic connection the two of them shared. (ENT: "Bound")

Harrad-Sar was played by William Lucking.

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