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Lieutenant Hargrove was a male Starfleet officer aboard the USS Voyager, serving under Captain Kathryn Janeway. Hargrove's quarters were on Deck 7 on Voyager.

In 2371, Hargrove was being tested by Voyager's Emergency Medical Hologram for Arethian flu. While The Doctor was preparing Hargrove's culture, he was accidentally deactivated by Ensign Kyoto. (VOY: "Eye of the Needle")

When Kes began to develop telepathic abilities, she once sensed Hargrove's presence in sickbay, although he had left hours before. (VOY: "Cathexis")

When the Voyager was affected by an inversion field in 2371, Hargrove's quarters suddenly were located on Deck 8 near Kyoto's, Nicoletti's, and Ayala's quarters, which were also normally on other decks. The fact that Kes remembered exactly the location of Hargrove's quarters aroused Neelix's suspicion. (VOY: "Twisted")

As part of a vision produced by the Botha in 2372, Captain Janeway noticed cucumber sandwiches among food Neelix had prepared for her, who claimed Hargrove had asked for them. (VOY: "Persistence of Vision")

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