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Lieutenant Hansen was a Starfleet officer who served as a helmsman aboard the USS Enterprise in 2267.

In that year, Hansen was at the helm when the Enterprise encountered an extremely powerful ion storm, during which the ship's records officer, Lieutenant Commander Ben Finney, was apparently killed. Later, as the Enterprise was trapped in a decaying orbit over Starbase 11, Hansen manned the helm as Captain Kirk initiated attempts to repair the ship's primary energy circuits, which had been sabotaged by Finney. (TOS: "Court Martial")

Later that year, during a return visit to Starbase 11, Hansen was placed in temporary command of the Enterprise when Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Commander Spock, Kirk's first officer, transported to the surface in order to investigate a mysterious message apparently sent from the base. Spock later relieved Hansen of command during his attempt to illegally transport Fleet Captain Christopher Pike to Talos IV. When Spock was forced to confess his subterfuge, he transferred command back to Hansen, who subsequently transferred it to Kirk, upon Kirk's return to the ship. (TOS: "The Menagerie, Part I")

Lieutenant Hansen was played by Hagan Beggs.


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