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Hand-eye coordination was the ability of the vision system to coordinate the information received through the eyes to control, guide, and direct the hands in the accomplishment of a given task.

Ping pong was considered a great test of hand-eye co-ordination. (VOY: "Relativity")

Klingons used the exercise Hehh-duHpp to teach infants hand-eye coordination so they could grow up to become warriors. (DS9: "Time's Orphan")

In 2348, a few weeks after undergoing accelerated critical neural pathway formation on Adigeon Prime, Julian Bashir's hand-eye coordination showed an improvement. (DS9: "Doctor Bashir, I Presume")

Seven of Nine possessed superior hand-eye coordination compared to most Humans, due to her visual acuity index of 99.6. This made games such as Ping Pong and Rings easy for her. (VOY: "Relativity", "Fair Haven")

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