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Nidell, a Halanan female.


Fenna, a Halanan psychoprojection.

The Halanans were a telepathic humanoid species native to the planet New Halana. The Halanans chose a companion for life and would not leave them. Another major feature of the species was their psychoprojective telepathy. They had ears somewhat larger than a Vulcan's, split into two points at the top bearing a resemblance to the Ocampa, but otherwise closely resembled humans.

Sometime in the 24th century, the species moved to New Halana, a planet that was terraformed by Gideon Seyetik. (DS9: "Second Sight")

According to, the Halanans were from the planet Halana. This planet was the namesake for New Halana. [1]; [2]

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