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... as a 1930s policeman

Hal Baylor (10 December 19185 January 1998; age 79) played an unnamed policeman in TOS: "The City on the Edge of Forever". He filmed his scene on Friday 3 February 1967 at the 40 Acres back lot.

Born as Hal Brittan, Baylor started as a boxer, then became a US Marine during World War II, and finally an actor, acting in over two hundred movie roles, television roles and guest starring roles. Perhaps the most famous of these is The Set-Up, a film that benefited from Baylor's boxing experience.

Baylor also appeared in "My Favorite Martian", starring Ray Walston. In 1972 he acted with Bruce Davison in Ulzana's Raid. He starred with Keith Carradine in 1973 in Emperor of The North Pole. He starred with Michael Ansara in The Bears and I in 1974. The same year he played a neck-snapping android in the film "A Boy & His Dog". Hal acted in Hustle with Paul Winfield in 1975.

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