Hain was a male alien thief in the 24th century.

In 2365, Hain and associates Larell, Krit, Nahsk, and Morn, planned and executed the Lissepian Mother's Day Heist, a notorious robbery that occurred on the planet Lissepia, in which one thousand bricks of gold-pressed latinum was stolen from the planet's Central Bank. Though all thieves managed to escape the authorities on Lissepia, Morn double-crossed Hain and the others by keeping the latinum for himself. He let him go for fear of being pursued by authorities.

In 2374, the statute of limitations expired for the crime, so he decided to go after Morn, however, he learned he had died. Discovering he left everything to Quark, he traveled to Deep Space 9. He broke into Quark's quarters just as he was about to call for the latinum from the Bank of Bolias. Claiming to be a member of Lurian Security, he said Morn was the ex-crown prince of the Royal Family of Luria, and that his riches were their property. He was about to arrest Quark when he learned that the other thieves in their group had also approached Quark to get the latinum, and so he tried to have the others arrested with Quark's help. However, due to interference he met all the others in Quark's quarters and they all agreed to split the money instead. However, when they all found the latinum in a cargo bay, they pulled phasers on each other. He was wounded and arrested with the others by security. No one realized Morn had extracted the latinum and stored it in his second stomach. (DS9: "Who Mourns for Morn?")

Hain was played by Trek regular Gregory Itzin.
The script described Hain as: "an imposing human Alien male".

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