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The Haakonian Order was a power in the Delta Quadrant which conquered Talax, Neelix's homeworld in 2356.

The Haakonians and Talaxians fought a decade-long, destructive war which ended with the deployment of the metreon cascade weapon on the Talaxian moon of Rinax. The weapon killed all 300,000 inhabitants of Rinax, vaporising more than a quarter of a million people and leaving thousands of others to be eaten away by Metreon poisoning.

After this event, Talax, which had previously been preparing for a Haakonian invasion, surrendered unconditionally to the Haakonian Order. (VOY: "Jetrel")

They were believed to still be in control of Talax in 2378. (VOY: "Homestead")

Jetrel at one point referred to his government as "my country".

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