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Ma'Bor Jetrel

Dr. Ma'Bor Jetrel, a Haakonian male, in 2371

The Haakonians were a warp-capable, humanoid species found in the Delta Quadrant. Their government was called the Haakonian Order.

Physically, Haakonians were tall and pale skinned and, like most races, were susceptible to metreon poisoning.

Sometime before 2346, the Haakonians conquered Talax following a decade-long war which concluded with the Haakonians' deployment of the metreon cascade on the Talaxian moon, Rinax. This weapon caused such devastation that it instantly ended the war, with the Talaxians yielding their homeworld and colonies to the Haakonians.

The only known Federation encounter with the Haakonians was made by the USS Voyager in 2371, when the Haakonian scientist Ma'Bor Jetrel came aboard Voyager seeking Neelix. Jetrel had been involved in the war with the Talaxians, having developed the metreon cascade which killed thousands of Talaxians. Although ostensibly seeking to cure a side-effect of the cascade, Jetrel was actually trying to reverse its original effects. Sadly his experiment failed and Jetrel died of metreon poisoning soon afterwards. (VOY: "Jetrel")

Abaddon acquired a ship, later named Alice, from a Haakonian trader, who claimed that the ship was "haunted". Abaddon blamed the stories on isolation sickness and took the ship off his hands. (VOY: "Alice")

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