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HMS Creative Productions logo

HMS Creative Productions, Inc. (HMS for short) is a Burbank, California-based special effects company that specializes in the manufacturing of studio props, the vast majority of them handheld. The company was founded in 1998 by Michael Moore and Steve Horch, a former employee of Science Fiction Modelmaking Associates (SFMA), after the latter went out of business. The company succeeded SFMA as a regular vendor of props, and has provided their products for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (from season 6 onward), Star Trek: Voyager (from season 4 onward), and Star Trek: Enterprise, the television franchise being among their very first customers. Having produced a multitude of props ranging from handheld weapons to helmets, the more unusual props they manufactured were the full-sized warhead model for the episode VOY: "Warhead", as well as the Captain Proton accouterments. During those years property masters Joe Longo and Alan Sims served as primary liaisons between the company and Paramount Television.

Apart from the television productions HMS has been co-vendor of props for Star Trek: Insurrection and, more recently, Star Trek.

Star Trek-related projects

Steve Horch posing with Alan Sims and Michael Moore with the Warhead model

Founders Horch (l) and Moore (r) with Alan Sims and the Warhead model

Apart from the movie, and television productions HMS also produced props, as well as set pieces, for the Las Vegas Star Trek: The Experience, and the Star Trek The Exhibition tour of 2008-2009. They further provided Lincoln Enterprises with Star Trek-related limited edition merchandise. Another related activity was the providing of the prototypes for the 2003 Star Trek: The Original Series toy prop line of Diamond Select Toys. An unusual project, the company embarked upon, was the restoration of one of Wah Chang's two original Gorn masks from TOS: "Arena", after the company was sought out in 2006 by the winner of the item in the Profiles in History's Hollywood Auction 24.

Other projects

Still in existence, the services of HMS, remain in great demand, as they continue to provide services for movie, and television productions, toy manufacturers, museums and exhibitions, corporations as well as private contractors.


Warhead model finished by Darcienne Sparber

Darci Sparber finishing up on the Warhead model

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