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HDNet is a US television channel that broadcasts exclusively in high-definition format. It was launched on September 1, 2001 and is available via both cable and satellite. HDNet is unique in the cable landscape in that it does not specialize in a specific genre (such as Syfy) or cater to a certain demographic (such as Spike). Instead, HDNet is a general interest network which broadcasts a wide variety of programming including news, sports, entertainment shows (comedies and dramas), late night programs, musical concerts, movies and movie trailers, and even the occasional space shuttle launch. Most programs are presented with a minimum number of commercial breaks. Their line-up includes a mix of original programming and licensed programs, all broadcast in 1080i high-definition picture 16:9 aspect ratio format. The network's slogan is "The Reason HDTV Was Invented".

HDNet began airing episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise in September 2006. Also, HDNet's original program The Ultimate Trailer Show has shown a number of trailers from the Star Trek films, including 2009's Star Trek.

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