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Guy W. McLimore, Jr. is an RPG designer and author. He was one of the main designers and writers on the Star Trek: The Role Playing Game line from FASA in the 1980s.

He began his career as a designer with an article in Dragon magazine from TSR. His first major work was as a co-designer for the Star Trek game with Greg Poehlein and David Tepool. He also wrote or co-wrote several supplemental books in the line, including a short story titled "The story of Lee Sterling" in the Cadet's Orientation Sourcebook.

While with FASA, he also co-designed the Doctor Who RPG. He moved on to work for TSR for a while working with his Star Trek co-designers on the Castle Greyhawk set for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons line. He also wrote a supplement for Top Secret S.I.. He continued to work with Poehlein writing for R. Talsorian Games before founding Microtactix Games with him.

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