The Guardians were the high clerics of the monastery on Boreth. As a group, they were known as the Followers of Kahless.

For centuries, they had awaited the return of Kahless, until they could create a clone of him in the late 2360s. When Kahless returned, the Guardians had a method of proving the veracity of the person claiming he was Kahless. They would ask the claimant about the forging of the Sword of Kahless. This story was not in the Klingon sacred texts and based on the answer given by the claimant, the Guardians would know if the individual was Kahless.

Chancellor Gowron believed the Guardians were always in opposition to him and suspected the clone of Kahless was an attempt by them at seizing power over the Klingon Empire. (TNG: "Rightful Heir")