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"You're a regular grim reaper, Malcolm!"

The Grim Reaper was a Human personification of Death which appeared as a dark cloaked figure who brought death and destruction wherever it came.

In 2151, Malcolm Reed was called a "real Grim Reaper" by Charles Tucker III, during a dire situation where Reed was sure he was going to die. Offended by the comment, Reed responded, "is that really how you see me? The eternal pessimist? The grim reaper? I don't want to die. What makes you think I want to die?" To this, Tucker replied, "because ever since we saw Enterprise NX-01 spread across that asteroid, you've done nothing but write your own obituary." (ENT: "Shuttlepod One")

In 2365, when Doctor Ira Graves revealed to Data that he learned how to transfer the wealth of his knowledge into a computer, revealing that "before I die, I plan to transfer my great intellect into this machine, thus cheating the Grim Reaper of his greatest prize." (TNG: "The Schizoid Man")

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