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"She was glorious."

Grilka was a Klingon woman from the Mekro'vak region and the widow of Kozak. Her most trusted adviser was Tumek.

After Kozak died in Quark's in early 2371, Quark took credit for killing her husband, even though Kozak actually fell onto his own knife. She forced Quark to marry her so she could retain control of her house. Despite Grilka's aversion to matters of finance, she allowed Quark to inspect her family ledgers where he discovered that D'Ghor, Kozak's enemy, had been systematically attacking the House of Kozak for five years in order to weaken it.

Such an indirect and deceptive attack was highly dishonorable and Grilka demanded Quark confront the High Council with the evidence of D'Ghor's deceit. Once the accusations were made public Quark was forced to defend himself against D'Ghor and did so successfully by tricking D'Ghor into attempting to strike him down when he refused to fight. In doing so, Gowron was convinced of the accused Klingon's guilt and had him discommendated on the spot. With D'Ghor out of the way, Grilka was granted control of her house by Gowron and the House of Kozak became the House of Grilka. She divorced Quark (at his request) on the spot. (DS9: "The House of Quark")

In early 2373, Grilka visited Deep Space 9 again, along with Tumek and Thopok. The recent war with the Federation had been very costly to her house in ships, lands, and warriors. Though she feigned opposition to his request, she allowed Quark another opportunity to help her house by examining their records. This time, however, Quark's interest was truly stirred by the "glorious" Grilka.

At the same time, Worf, who had been assigned to the station the year before, also took an interest in Grilka. He attempted to pursue her as a mate but Tumek confronted him and advised him it was a waste of time. Worf's siding against the Empire during the war had stripped his House of its title and Worf of his honor; it would be unthinkable for Grilka to mate with him.

Upset by his failure, and Tumek's insinuation that he could not know anything about pursuing a Klingon woman because he had been raised among Humans, Worf decided to help Quark win Grilka's heart. He was successful by tutoring the Ferengi in the traditions of Klingon courtship. Grilka was warmed by Quark's efforts, even if she considered him a poor fighter. But Thopok was enraged by the prospect of a Ferengi pursuing a great lady and challenged Quark to a duel. With additional help from Worf, Quark defeated Thopok and Grilka welcomed his advances enthusiastically. (DS9: "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places")

Grilka was played by Mary Kay Adams.
In the back story of the "Path to 2409" in Star Trek Online Worf and Grilka are married in 2386.
Her daughter Koren (β), conceived shortly after the Dominion War and therefore presumably fathered neither by Kozak nor Worf, became Captain of the Klingon Empire's flagship, the IKS Bortasqu' (β).

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