Grid square fifteen-delta was a region on the Bajoran moon Jeraddo.

In 2369, the Bajoran Provisional Government evacuated this moon in prepartion for a project in which the core of this moon was tapped for an energy transfer. The energy would be used for heating a few hundred thousand homes on Bajor for the coming winter. A costly effect of this transfer was the release of carbon and sulphur compounds into the atmosphere, which would render the air unbreathable.

Ensuring there was no inhabitants on Jeraddo, the moon was scanned by the Federation runabout USS Ganges. The moon's surface was sectioned into grids. The scans of grid square fifteen-delta revealed a humanoid lifeform. Initially, it was thought by Jadzia Dax this could be one of the project thermologists. Kira Nerys disagreed and beamed down to the surface to take a look around. She discovered the farmers Mullibok, Baltrim, and Keena. (DS9: "Progress")

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