Grey was a Federation historian who participated in historical research expeditions using the Guardian of Forever on the time planet.

In 2269, Grey, along with colleague Aleek-Om, studied data on the history of Orion, at the dawn of its civilization, and Vulcan, during the 2230s. (TAS: "Yesteryear")

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Background information Edit

The voice for Grey was performed by Majel Barrett.

Her name was not spoken on screen but rather comes from the episode's script.

Apocrypha Edit

The novelization of "Yesteryear" (in Star Trek Log 1) gives Grey's first name as "Jan."

The novel Forgotten History, expands on this, explaining that "Jan" is short for "Meijan." The novel depicts her as serving as the inaugural Director of the Department of Temporal Investigations from 2272 to 2275. She is actually responsible for Spock's erasure from history, due to her scanning the time of his rescue while he was not there. Feeling guilt over the role she played in his death, these events add to her concerns about interfering with time.

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