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Greg Argarin worked in the camera and electrical department of Star Trek: Enterprise. He received no screen credit for this work but is listed on the call sheets, also as Gregg Argarin and Greg Agarin.

Argarin worked as lighting technician on the family comedy The Kid (2000, with Brad Peterman, Frank Parrish, Patrick Hoeschen, and Mike Apperson), the drama Pay It Forward (2000, with Jesse Mather and Steven J. Winslow), the comedy sequel Dr. Doolittle 2 (2001, with Tracy Estes, Michael Scott, Rico Priem, Casey Hotchkiss, Mark Gutterud, Anthony DiMase, and Bruce Byall), the comedy sequel Scary Movie 2 (2001, with Mark 'Boylee' Boyle, Glenn Cannon, James 'Spud' Danicic, Glen Magers, Jesse Mather, Morton Petersen, and Robert Snyder), the comedy 50 First Dates (2004), the action film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006), and the comic adaptation The Spirit (2008, with Gregory Lundsgaard and Bob Finley III).

He also worked as electrician on the drama Honeydripper (2007), as best boy rigging electric on the science fiction western The Book of Eli (2010), and as best boy electric on the thriller The Resident (2010). In 2002 he worked as producer and appeared in a featured part as a video crew member in the comedy Shteps. The film features Mike Genovese and Kevin Brief.

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