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A gravimetric distortion was a localized spatial anomaly that consisted of an abnormal concentration of graviton particles. Normally, gravitons concentrated around objects with definite mass, such as a planet or star. However, certain energy phenomena could emit gravitons without an attendant mass. Such a concentration could cause unique gravitational effects that greatly impaired starship navigation. (DS9: "Behind the Lines")

Gravimetric distortions were detected in the Trialus system shortly before the dimensional shift of the planet Meridian. (DS9: "Meridian")

In certain cases, strong gravimetric distortions can severely damage or completely destroy a starship. (Star Trek Generations)

The Argolis Cluster is rife with gravimetric distortions. Jadzia Dax was sure she could navigate the USS Defiant around them in 2374, as she had studied protostar clusters. (DS9: "Behind the Lines")

When Renovation Team Nova began collapsing a subspace sinkhole with antigraviton beams in 2375, those in the subspace pocket circumscribed by the anomaly experienced gravimetric distortions. (VOY: "Gravity")

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