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Grankite Order of Tactics

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Grankite order of tactics

A Grankite Order of Tactics awarded to Jean-Luc Picard

The Grankite Order of Tactics was an award given to Starfleet officers for creating a battle tactic.

James T. Kirk received this award prior to 2267. (TOS: "Court Martial")

On stardate 38946.2, Captain Jean-Luc Picard was awarded the Grankite Order of Tactics "in recognition of his development of the Picard Maneuver during the 'Battle of Maxia' while in command of the USS Stargazer." He kept the award in his family album. (Star Trek Generations)

In "The Battle", it was shown that Ferengi Alliance recognized the conflict between Picard's ship, the Stargazer, and the Ferengi marauder in the Maxia sector as the "Battle of Maxia". Picard made the point that he did not recognize it as such. Despite this feeling, it is apparent that Starfleet did as the award recognizes the conflict by name.

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