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Gotham City was a location in the Sol system, home of the Gotham City Bats, an Earth baseball team, in the 21st century for which Buck Bokai played from 2020 and 2021.

This locale was listed in Bokai's career stats on his baseball card. (DS9 Season 1 prop artwork)

This is named for the locale of DC Comics's Batman comic book, film and television franchise. Unless the "system-wide batting champion" note is some sort of joke, it might indicate Bokai's career to be extra-planetary. However, in the Star Trek universe, it is not clear if Gotham City is on Earth, or nearby (on the moon for example), since "Gotham" isn't the name of a current Earth city, only a village in England. Furthermore, "Gotham" has long been used as a nickname for New York City, which offers yet another possible explanation for the Bats' location.

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