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Gosheven was the leader of the Human colony on Tau Cygna V until 2366. He was highly respected by the colonists, and like them, was immune to the effects of hyperonic radiation.

In 2366, the Sheliak, the owners of the planet, demanded the colony's removal as they wished to settle the planet themselves. Lieutenant Commander Data was dispatched from the USS Enterprise-D to arrange the evacuation. Gosheven refused to allow the colony to be evacuated, despite repeated attempts by Data to convince him. Even reverse psychology failed to convince him. He wanted to stay and fight the Sheliak, claiming that too much had been sacrificed to set up the colony to allow it to be given up so easily.

His grandfather had arrived on the SS Artemis in 2274, and was buried on the planet. He was not moved by Data's claims that the colonists would be wiped out easily by the Sheliak, and even went so far as to assault the android when Data was attempting to sway the public opinion his way. Only a demonstration of the power of a phaser and the destruction of the aqueduct managed to convince him to leave the planet. Despite their history, Data comforted Gosheven with the observation that the colony is essentially just a thing that can be replaced, while their lives cannot be. (TNG: "The Ensigns of Command")

Gosheven was played by Grainger Hines, though his voice was dubbed by an unknown actor, because Hines was unhappy with his performance. As a result, he received no credit for this role.

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