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Golana was an inhabited planet in the Alpha Quadrant. This was the home of a Bajoran colony since the beginning of the 24th century. Archaeologists from the Bajoran Archaeological Institute were studying the ruins of a technologically advanced civilization that had gone extinct over two thousand years before.

In late 2372 or early 2373, Miles O'Brien and Keiko O'Brien visited this planet. At the time, Keiko was pregnant with Kirayoshi O'Brien.

In 2374, the O'Briens visited the planet again and an active time portal from this lost civilization was accidentally discovered in a cavern. The portal sent Molly O'Brien three hundred years into the past, when the planet was uninhabited. She was eventually recovered safely.

The planet had an indigenous species of small melons called Golana melons. (DS9: "Time's Orphan")

Molly's drawings suggested the planet had two moons.
According to the script for "Afterimage", this planet's name was pronounced as "goh-LA-nah". [1]

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