Gestation was the period of time it took for a fetus to develop to maturity. The length of the gestation period depended on the species. Gestation periods were sometimes divided into groups of three months, known as trimesters.

While Betazoids had a normal gestation period of ten months, Bajorans had a gestation period of five months. (TNG: "The Child"; DS9: "Body Parts")

An hybrid, half Human and half Ktarian, had a double gestation period compared to a full Ktarian. (VOY: "Fury")

Doctor Phlox denied the request to extract the Xyrillian embryo from Commander Tucker as the embryo had integrated with Tucker's pericardium and Phlox was unaware what would happen to it following the extraction. (ENT: "Unexpected")

The Borg drone One needed an hour to enter the fourth gestation phase, the way from an embryo into a child of six years. (VOY: "One")

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