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Gene's Journal is a Star Trek-related webcomic by David Reddick, creator of The Trek Life.

Gene's Journal presents the fictionalized exploits of a young Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, and his encounters with genuine extra-terrestrials.

New strips are added to every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


A young Gene Roddenberry, frequently visited by aliens intent on studying Human behavior.
Agent 6 and Agent 4 
Two aliens sent to study Human life on Earth. Agent 6 (orange uniform) appears to be the superior to Agent 4 (yellow uniform).
A girl who attends the same school as Gene.
Miss Chapel 
An attractive teacher at Gene's school.
Miss Chapel is presumably named for Nurse Christine Chapel. Gene's attraction to her appears to be a reference to the real-life Gene Roddenberry's marriage to Majel Barrett, the actress who portrayed Nurse Chapel.
A robot created by Agents 4 and 6, designed to imitate Gene.

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