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Gaul was a male Vaadwaur who spent over nine hundred years in stasis to escape his enemy's attacks.

He was awakened by a landing party from USS Voyager. He was in command of the rest of the Vaadwaur, who were also awoken from stasis. He told Captain Kathryn Janeway that if she helped him and his people escape from their planet, he would give them directions to subspace corridors that could cut years off Voyager's journey.

In reality, his plan was to seize Voyager and use it to attack his enemies and restore the Vaadwaur empire. Janeway and the Voyager were able to foil the plot when one of the Vaadwaur sabotaged many of the Vaadwaur ships, and the rest under Gaul had to retreat. (VOY: "Dragon's Teeth")

Gaul was played by Robert Knepper.
Gaul is the ancient name for the Terran region of France.

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