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Temarek, a Gatherer.

The Gatherers were nomadic marauders and natives of the planet Acamar III. Like most Acamarians the history of the Gatherers is deeply connected to the history of clan rivalry on that planet.

Sometime around 2266 the Acamarians were finally successful in ending the centuries of warfare and unrest that had plagued the planet. The historic clans signed a peace agreement, but the Gatherers, themselves a mixture of various clans, refused to take part and left the planet to live offworld. Through the next century several attempts were made to bring the Gatherers back into the Acamarian fold, but all failed.

Ultimately, in 2366 Sovereign Marouk was persuaded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard to make another attempt. At first the negotiations brought the sides no closer together. But ultimately an assassination attempt on Chorgan, the leader of the Gatherers and a member of the Lornak clan, by Yuta, Marouk's assistant and a Tralesta, exposed the legacy of clan warfare and changed the outcome of the negotiations. The Gatherers began their re-entry into Acamarian society. (TNG: "The Vengeance Factor")


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