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Gary Hutzel (Captain)

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USS Matte Fringe

Gary Hutzel on a mission order

Gary Hutzel was a Starfleet captain in the 24th century.

Hutzel was part of the Warp Technologies Development Group which helped design and construct the starship USS Enterprise-D. His name was listed on the dedication plaque of that starship when it was commissioned in 2363. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

In 2364, he held the rank of commander. On stardate 41547.8, a list of names, including his, were sent to the USS Matte Fringe by Admiral Daniel Curry of Starfleet Mission Operations Division. The individuals on this list had received security clearances for a project involving this Federation starship. (TNG: "Conspiracy")

In 2368, he was treated in the Taylor Hospital on Melina II for the Iresine Syndrome. It was later discovered, that in fact he had been subject to a telepathic memory invasion by the Ullian Jev. (TNG: "Violations")

The character was never mentioned in dialog; the name from mission orders and Okudagrams.
Hutzel's name was a reference to production staff associate Gary Hutzel.

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