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Gary Frank (born 1969) is a British comic book artist specializing in pencils.

Frank broke into the industry in 1991 working for Doctor Who Magazine and Toxic! before moving to Marvel Comics' UK branch in 1992 and working on Motormouth and Killpower. He began working with inker Cam Smith there and the two worked together for a number of years after that.

He began working on Peter David's run on Incredible Hulk in 1993 and then David's Supergirl at DC Comics soon after. He also penciled works by J. Michael Straczynski including Midnight Nation and Supreme Power. In 1997 he and Smith worked for WildStorm Comics on Gen¹³.

He also does cover art and provided covers and pinups for X-Men titles, Doctor Strange, and Vampirella, among others.

In 1996, he contributed pinup art to Star TreX that was inked by Smith.

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