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North Star Stablehand a stablehand

Gary Bristow is an actor who played the North Star stablehand in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "North Star".

Among his acting resume are films such as The Girl with the Hungry Eyes (1995), South Beach Academy (1996), King Cobra (1999, with Joseph Ruskin and Arell Blanton), and Instinct (1999, with Tracey Ellis, Paul Collins, and Jay Caputo).

Bristow has appeared in television series such as seaQuest DSV (1995, with Rosalind Allen, Parker Whitman, and Bernie Casey), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2001, with Katy Boyer and Timothy Carhart), The X-Files (2001, with Ric Sarabia and Judson Scott), and Six Feet Under (2003, with Joanna Cassidy, James Cromwell, Peggy Miley, and Momo Yashima).

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