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Mrs. Garrett was a Human living in the 20th century. She had at least one son as of 1957. In that year, she and her son were residents of Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania.

Stron, a Vulcan trapped on Earth and forced to disguise himself as a Human, was working as a repairman in Carbon Creek when Mrs. Garrett called on him to fix her sink at least three times within one week. Stron found the experiences intolerable, since Garrett's son insisted on referring to the Vulcan as "Moe", due to his hairstyle resembling that of a member of The Three Stooges. Stron's colleague, Mestral, commented that the reason Mrs. Garrett kept calling Stron back was because she enjoyed his company. Later, though he had resigned from his employment, he repaired her "suction device". (ENT: "Carbon Creek")

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.
In dialogue that was written in the final draft script of "Carbon Creek" but isn't included in the episode, Mestral commented, on the Vulcans' final night on Earth, that Garrett would doubtlessly miss Stron's handiwork, though Stron admitted he "certainly" would not miss her.