Garos was a Malurian who posed as an Akaali in order to conduct covert mining operations on their homeworld.

In 2151, his mining operations had contaminated the water supply of the planet and had caused a plague among the Akaali. He owned a curio shop as a cover for his illegal operations, but was discovered by Jonathan Archer, who enlisted the help of a local named Riaan.

In the beginning, Garos was welcoming Archer and Trip Tucker to his curio shop of antiques. After that, he presented "the pride of his collection," the mask of Draylan, the mythical ruler of the afterworld. When Tucker seemed astonished, Garos said, "You're not from this province, are you?" Archer answered "No" and revealed that Garos' DNA didn't match any of the lifeforms on the planet; Garos took out his own scanner and said "Nor does yours." Garos revealed to Archer that he was from the Malurian system and was an explorer until two years prior, when he led a survey team to study the Akaali, and noted that he had had no plans to remain, but after a few months, found himself "quite taken with these people." Then, when Archer confronted Garos about the antimatter reactor in his basement, he lied by responding that the reactor powered a fabrication device, allowing him to make food and clothing. Then, Garos coaxed Archer to leave his shop after another interested visitor arrived.

When Archer and Riaan discovered Garos' secret mining facility, Garos and his men tried to prevent Archer from escaping. In doing so, he hailed (and lied again) the ship and said that Archer has been killed. Later, when Archer and Riaan tried to leave unnoticed, another comrade Malurian fired his weapon, antagonizing the Akaali crowd. Quickly, Garos and his fellow Akaali rushed into the chaotic mob of people and Garos fired his weapon in order to kill or incapacitate Archer. However, Archer used Riaan's help after he fired at an oil lamp, causing an explosion that temporarily knocked out Garos and his Akaali companion, forcing them to transport back to their ship. Archer and Enterprise NX-01 were subsequently able to drive Garos and the rest of the Malurians off the planet, remove the mining equipment and provide an antidote for the plague. (ENT: "Civilization")

Garos was played by Wade Williams.
The novel A Choice of Futures gives his full name as Dular Garos.