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Galis Blin

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Galis Blin

Galis Blin

Galis Blin was a Bajoran official.

Major Kira contacted her in 2369 in order to gather information about the aphasia virus that was affecting the personnel of Deep Space 9. The virus was Bajoran in nature and had been left on the station as a booby trap. Galis said that it might have been created by Dekon Elig, who was a genetic scientist in the underground. She said that he was in a Cardassian internment camp on Velos VII, but that was nine years prior, and did not know if he was alive. She was unable to provide any information about an antidote for the virus, but was able to provide the name of Surmak Ren, a former resistance fighter and scientist who assisted Dekon Elig. (DS9: "Babel")

Galis Blin was played by actress Geraldine Farrell.

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