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Galis Blin was a Bajoran official.

Major Kira contacted her in 2369 in order to gather information about the aphasia virus that was affecting the personnel of Deep Space 9. The virus was Bajoran in nature and had been left on the station as a booby trap. Galis said that it might have been created by Dekon Elig, who was a geneticist in the Bajoran underground. She told Kira, that last time she had heard about him he had been in a Cardassian internment camp on Velos VII, but that had been nine years prior. She couldn't provide more information, but this enabled Kira to continue her search in the Bajoran Archival Records. (DS9: "Babel")

Galis Blin was played by actress Geraldine Farrell.
In the script, she was described as a "a middle aged Bajoran woman". [1]

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