Treaty of Armens

Galaxy-class starship classification mentioned in the Treaty of Armens from 2255

For the 24th century starship class, please see Galaxy class.

The Galaxy-class starship was a class of Starfleet vessel that was in service by 2255. They were mentioned in the Treaty of Armens from that year. It was stated in the treaty, that a UFP official from the Cultural Contact Office (Sol Sector) shall be on board a Galaxy-class Starfleet vessel at all times except during legal holidays.

There were at least two classes named Galaxy-class; the other was in operation a century later. (TNG: "The Ensigns of Command" display graphic)

The 23rd century Starfleet Galaxy-class starships, also known as Galaxy ships (β) were mentioned in several novels including Dreadnought! and the novelizations of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. They were smaller than the Constitution-class, but much faster and designed for very-long-range exploration.