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Gaavrin (2152)

Gaavrin was a Tellarite male who lived during the 22nd century. He was the first officer on the Tezra, a freighter owned and operated by his brother Captain Skalaar under the authority of the Tellarite Mining Consortium. The ship was seized by the Klingon Empire after crossing into Klingon territory while hauling fire salt under Skalaar's orders. Gaavrin never forgave his brother for the loss of the ship. Skalaar kidnapped Jonathan Archer and was going to trade him for the return of the ship. When he contacted Gaavrin who was now a maintenance engineer and told him of his plan, Gaavrin refused to help him. He informed his brother that their ship was stripped for parts by the Klingons. (ENT: "Bounty")

Gaavrin was played by Ed O'Ross.

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