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Furuta Confectionery Co., Ltd. is a candy manufacturer and industrial supply company which produces a large number of "gashapon" candy-food toy lines and is based in Osaka, Japan. It produced two licensed Star Trek product lines.

Star Trek releases Edit

Star Trek Federation Ships & Alien Ships Collection Edit

In 2003, Furuta produced its first small-scale injection-molded plastic models of Star Trek starships and space stations for Volume One of the Star Trek Federation Ships & Alien Ships Collection. Volumes Two and Three followed in 2004 and 2006 respectively. All were sold in "blind boxes" which did not disclose its specific contents on its outside. The first two volumes included a collectible trading card with each model.

Blind boxes
Furuta box Vol.1 Furuta box Vol.2 Furuta box Vol.3a Furuta box Vol.3b
Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3α Volume 3β

Notably, aside from producing many commonly-seen Star Trek starships, Furuta also produced ships that had been rarely touched upon by other licensed companies before. These included a Species 8472 bio-ship and a Prometheus-, Olympic-, and Nova-class vessel.

The models were pre-painted, surprisingly detailed for their size, and were "snap-fit" models that required no glue for assembly. Furuta's line was larger than its contemporary competitor Romando which released a Star Trek gashapon product line around the same time. Konami and F-Toys also released Star Trek gashapon series in later years.

Federation Ships and Alien Ships Collection, Volume 1, 2003
Item Scale Note
Deep Space Nine 1:15700 Furuta Model Vol.1 Deep Space Nine 2003
Galor-Class Warship 1:4000 Furuta Model Vol.1 Galor Class 2003
Klingon Bird-of-Prey 1:1325 Furuta Model Vol.1 Klingon Bird of Prey 2003
Species 8472 Bio-Ship 1:437 Furuta Model Vol.1 Species 8472 Bio-ship 2003
USS Defiant NX-74205 1:1250 Furuta Model Vol.1 Defiant Class 2003
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A 1:2400 Furuta Model Vol.1 Constitution Class 2003
USS Equinox NCC-72381 1:1625 Furuta Model Vol.1 Nova Class 2003
USS Reliant NCC-1864 1:2125 Furuta Model Vol.1 Miranda Class 2003
USS Stargazer NCC-2893 1:2800 Furuta Model Vol.1 Constellation Class 2003
Klingon Attack Cruiser 1:4200 Furuta Model Vol.1 Vor'Cha Class 2003
Romulan Warbird n/a "Secret item" Furuta Model Vol.1 D'deridex 2003
Federation Ships & Alien Ships Collection, Volume 2, 2004
Ferengi Marauder 1:4425 Furuta Model Vol.2 D'kora Class 2004
Jem'Hadar Attack Ship 1:1250 Furuta Model Vol.2 Jem'Hadar Fighter 2004
USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (TOS) 1:2175 Furuta Model Vol.2 Constitution Class 2004
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B 1:3200 Furuta Model Vol.2 Excelsior Class 2004
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C 1:4875 Furuta Model Vol.2 Ambassador Class 2004
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D 1:6300 Furuta Model Vol.2 Galaxy Class 2004
Future USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D 1:6300 Furuta Model Vol.2 Galaxy Class alternative 2004
USS Farragut NCC-60597 1:5775 Furuta Model Vol.2 Nebula Class 2004
USS Prometheus NCC-59650 1:2975 Furuta Model Vol.2 Prometheus Class 2004
USS Voyager NCC-74656 1:2700 Furuta Model Vol.2 Intrepid Class 2004
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E 1:5125 "Secret item" Furuta Model Vol.2 Sovereign Class 2004
Federation Ships & Alien Ships Collection, Volume 3α, 2006
Shuttlecraft Galileo NCC-1701/7 n/a Furuta Model Vol.3a Class F Shuttle 2006
Phoenix 1:263 Furuta Model Vol.3a Phoenix 2006
USS Excelsior NCC-2000 n/a Furuta Model Vol.3a Excelsior Class 2006
USS Grissom NCC-638 1:2000 Furuta Model Vol.3a Oberth Class 2006
Spock n/a Furuta Model Vol.3a Spock 2006
Federation Ships & Alien Ships Collection, Volume 3β, 2006
Borg Cube n/a Furuta Model Vol.3b Borg Cube 2006
Kazon Raider 1:2105 Furuta Model Vol.3b Kazon Raider 2006
USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (refit) n/a Furuta Model Vol.3b Constitution Class 2006
USS Pasteur NCC-58925 n/a Furuta Model Vol.3b Olympic Class 2006
USS Rio Grande NCC-72452 1:306 Furuta Model Vol.3b Danube Class 2006
Borg Cube & Sphere n/a "Special item"; LED-illuminated cube; late addition after Vol.3 was already released as is evidenced by the 2004-style stand Furuta Model Vol.3b Borg Cube Special 2006
Scale info courtesy of Starshipmodeler

Star Trek Pins Collection Edit

Furuta released the Star Trek Pins Collection in 2006. It was a gashapon line of enamel pins which featured twenty unique insignia from the Star Trek franchise. Each insignia pin was packed individually in a "blind box" and came with a display stand.

  1. TOS USS Enterprise Command division
  2. TOS USS Enterprise Sciences division
  3. TOS USS Enterprise Operations division
  4. Films II – VI (with officer's patch)
  5. DS9 and VOY
  6. TNG Future
  7. TNG
  8. Cadet (TMP Rear Admiral / Films IIVI enlisted and non-commissioned officers)
  9. Mirror universe Starfleet
  10. Bajoran Militia
  11. Borg Collective
  12. Cardassian Union
  13. Vulcan IDIC
  14. Starfleet Medical
  15. Romulan Star Empire
  16. United Federation of Planets
  17. Maquis
  18. Ferengi Alliance
  19. Klingon Empire
  20. TMP (revised patch)*
*This color was used for the both the Command division and the Operations division.



Furuta Star Trek Starship 2

Promo for Volume 2

Bandai is the company which trademarked the term "gashapon" for the combining of candy and toy models into a single package. The term "gashapon" has become very common in Japan as a generic term for all manufacturers of these "candy toys". More recently, the term "gashapon" has also come to signify "blind box" trading figures, referring to a line of small-scale toys, figurines or models that are sold in identical sealed boxes. This means that many gashapon packages must be purchased in order to complete a toy series.

The combining of candy and toy models is now common in Japan as many candy companies traditionally have included toys with their products as enticers, often packaged in such a way that they can be dispensed from vending machines. "Gashapon" gets its name from the sound the box makes when falling down as the vending machine dispenses it. In the case of some companies, the candy is included so that their toys can be sold on supermarket shelves.

Rarer "secret" or "chase" items are often included in a series to boost sales and are produced in smaller quantities than the regular items in the series. This method of collector-focused marketing has a strong resemblance to trading cards sales methods. Typically, a "gashapon" line is a single and unrepeated release which can cause the more sought-after releases to become highly-valued collector's items.

Warship Collection 1 Edit

Furuta USS Enterprise carriers

USS Enterprise aircraft carriers

In 2003, Furuta released the Warship Collection 1 gashapon line of contemporary warships which included the USS Enterprise (CV-6) and USS Enterprise (CVN-65) aircraft carriers.

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