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Furel was a member of the Shakaar resistance cell and an intimate friend of Lupaza.

In 2355, Furel met young Kira Nerys who wanted to join the resistance. Although he and the rest of the cell found Kira too young, Lupaza stood up for her. When he made jokes about Kira, he was often hit by Lupaza for doing so.

Before a mission to rescue a number of his comrades, Furel prayed to the Prophets, offering his own life in exchange for success in saving theirs. The mission was a success, but Furel lost his left arm. Furel felt the Prophets had been generous and, years later, he declined a Federation doctor's offer of a replacement, believing this to be ungrateful to the Prophets. After the Occupation of Bajor ended, he went on to become a farmer.

In 2373, he visited Kira on Deep Space 9 with Lupaza because someone was killing their former resistance comrades. While they sneaked aboard DS9 unnoticed, by beaming into Chief O'Brien's bedroom, their assailant knew where they were and planted an explosive device on the station's window by means of a hunter probe. When it exploded, the room decompressed and he and Lupaza were killed. (DS9: "The Darkness and the Light")

Furel was played by William Lucking.


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