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Frool was a Ferengi waiter at Quark's in 2372. Despite his reluctance to go against ten thousand years of Ferengi tradition, Frool joined Rom's Guild of Restaurant and Casino Employees to protest Quark's unfair labor practices.

However, when the labor union was confronted by Brunt (an FCA liquidator), Frool immediately caved in before Brunt could say another word, and begged for forgiveness. When last seen, Frool was left cowering on the floor, desperately hoping for the FCA's mercy. (DS9: "Bar Association")

Frool was played by actor Emilio Borelli.
According to the script, Frool was an older Ferengi and senior writer at Quark's. The script had this to say about him, "Frool's seen the best of times and the worst of times, but has never quite grasped the latinum ring." Additionally, his name was pronounced as "FROOL" (rhymes w/ drool). [1]

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