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Freya was a shieldmaiden and daughter of King Hrothgar in the Beowulf holodeck program. She met Chakotay and Tuvok as they attempted to find Harry Kim who had disappeared in the holoprogram. She believed they were malevolent intruders, but when they told her that they were friends of Beowulf, she told them that Beowulf (Kim) was killed by the monster Grendel, which was an energy lifeform trapped in the program. Tuvok and Chakotay were also turned into energy by the lifeform just as Kim was.

The Doctor was sent to find the three missing crewman. He was befriended by Freya. After Freya gloated of her exploits, The Doctor asked Freya for Grendel's location. Freya viewed The Doctor's willingness to locate the monster as courageous and agreed to lead him to Grendel. She believed him to be a great hero who had come to save her father's kingdom. During the night at her father's castle, Freya confessed that she was frightened of Grendel, and The Doctor reassured her. Freya became romantically attached to The Doctor and kissed him and invited him to her bed, which he declined. During the attempt to rescue the three crewmembers from Grendel (the energy lifeform), Freya was stabbed and killed by Unferth while trying to protect The Doctor. (VOY: "Heroes and Demons")

Freya was played by actress Marjorie Monaghan.
In the epic poem Beowulf, there is no character called Freya – King Hrothgar's daughter is named Freawaru. There is a character in Norse mythology named Freya (or Freyja), but she is the goddess of love, beauty and fertility and it was believed that she received half of the dead killed in battle (whereas Odin received the other half).

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