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In a deleted scene from ENT: "Two Days and Two Nights", Freebus, played by Dennis Cockrum, was a Risian official who negotiated the payment for staying on Risa when the crew of Enterprise visited the planet in 2152. He suggested the crew stay on Risa for a few days longer so that every member of the crew could take shore leave on the planet, he'd only ask for a minimal additional charge. Archer declined, as they needed to keep some dilithium to run the ship.

In this scene, Freebus was concerned that Subcommander T'Pol didn't choose to take shore leave on the planet, as he assured her that Risa had many diversions designed for Vulcan guests. He promised the crew that no one would leave Risa disappointed.

The scene involving Freebus was included on the Enterprise Season 1 DVD set.

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