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** {{e|This Side of Paradise}}
** {{e|This Side of Paradise}}
** {{e|Errand of Mercy}}
** {{e|Errand of Mercy}}
** {{e|The City on the Edge of Forever}}
** {{e|Operation -- Annihilate!}}
** {{e|Operation -- Annihilate!}}
** {{e|Catspaw}} ([[TOS Season 2]])
** {{e|Catspaw}} ([[TOS Season 2]])

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Frank da Vinci is an actor and stuntman who worked as Leonard Nimoy's stand-in and background and stunt performer on Star Trek: The Original Series.

Da Vinci was an extra in the movie Psycho, which was written by Joseph Stefano, based on a novel by Robert Bloch, and featured John Anderson in the cast.

Da Vinci appeared in the February 8, 1965 The Man From U.N.C.L.E. episode "The Secret Sceptre Affair", which also featured Jack Donner and William Boyett, was directed by Marc Daniels, co-produced by Sam Rolfe, and had a musical score by Jerry Goldsmith.

Da Vinci also appeared in the first two parts of the January 1970 three-part episode of Mission: Impossible episode "The Falcon" as the uncredited character named Sebastian (although da Vinci's face is clearly seen several times in that role.) For most of the two episodes da Vinci's Sebastian was disguised as Mission: Impossible season 4 and season 5 regular cast member Leonard Nimoy's Paris character (Nimoy actually applied the mask disguise on to da Vinci's face in Part 1 of the three part episodes.) "The Falcon" episodes also featured season 4 recurring character of Tracey who was played by Lee Meriwether, as well as guest star Logan Ramsey. Also uncredited in "The Falcon" episodes were Jack Donner and Bob Johnson's voice. Stunt doubles in "The Falcon" episodes included Dick Dial and Charles Picerni. Executive vice president in charge of production on "The Falcon" episodes was Douglas S. Cramer and then future director of several Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise episodes, Mike Vejar, was the editorial coordinator for the "The Falcon" episodes. Women's costume supervisor for "The Falcon" episodes was Dodie Shepard and women's set costumer for "The Falcon" episodes was Andrea Weaver.

In the second part of the three part episode of the Mission: Impossible "The Falcon" episodes there is a scene where the character Sebastian takes of his Paris disguise and it really looks like Nimoy's head is coming off of da Vinci's head.

His nickname, according to William Blackburn, was "Buddy." The Star Trek Concordance and derivative works occasionally list him as "Bud da Vinci".

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