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I've always wondered how vulcans age. I thought that they didn't live much longer than humans, because Spock ages to look 60 in the first 100 years of his life, but maybe that's because he's half-human. It's already established that vulcans can live to be over 200 years of age. I've got an equation about how full vulcans and romulans age. the first 100 years are ignored, and at 100, the vulcan looks 30, judging by how tuvok looks, by Spock when he was hit by the aging disease, as well as by how other centenarian vulcans look. (sorry guys, but I cant think of any other examples right now) so, after 100, for every two years a vulcan ages, he ages one Human year, starting at 30 when he is 100. so that would mean that by 120, he would be 40 ,and by 130, he would be 45, and by 150, he would be 55, and by 170, he would be 65. 200 would be about 90. of course, exceptions are how sarek is apparently gray by 100. maybe he just went gray early, for a vulcan. the way I figure, a vulcan starts to age at 120, just like a Human ages at 40 years of age, normally. that would mean that during the run of star trek Voyager, tuvok would be in his late prime. what do you guys think?-admiral Tim The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

Spock died today in his Human form. How old would he have been in Vulcan years?