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i was watching voyager on tv the other week and was shocked to find a scene i had never seen before

Dark Frontier Part 1

After the probe is destroyed the opening credits start and then its the scene in the cargo bay with the crew examining the wreckage* This is how it has always been every time i have seen this episode but not on the day

After the opening credits have finished, it opens with Paris and Kim in the mess hall with Kim regreting that all the crew were killed on the borg ship with Paris telling him that it doesnt matter because they were just drones and finding Seven of Nine behind him who walks off offened, then its the scene in the cargo bay* are there any more deleted scenes like this i've never seen this before or read about it?The preceding unsigned comment was added by Ben1987 (talk • contribs).

As indicated on the episode page, "Dark Frontier", it was originally aired as a movie-length episode(two hours). Afterwards it was broken into two one-hour episodes, which resulted in some scene cuts. It seems to me that the more recent one you watched was probably the longer version, if it had more scenes than you remember from prior viewings.--31dot 15:19, June 19, 2010 (UTC)