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Hi there,

DS9: "The Ship"

In the background information is said:

"The idea of Klingons keeping vigil over the bodies of the dead seems at odds with prior portrayals, wherein a corpse was considered a worthless shell immediately upon death (TNG: "Heart of Glory")."

It may seem odd but I don't see a conflict between both behaviors.

According to the tradition of ak'voh, whenever a warrior dies in battle, others stay with the body to keep away predators, allowing the spirit to leave the body and go to Sto'Vo'Kor. (DS9: "The Ship") [see article sto-vo-kor]

So it seems there may be different behaviors for each cause. On the one hand for a klingon warrior and on the other for a warrior, who was a friend.

I just stumbled upon that watching (DS9: "The Ship"). Because I'm new to memory-alpha, I didn't want to change the article but I'd like heare some thoughts about that.

Greetings The preceding unsigned comment was added by SuriViruS (talk • contribs).

You may want to discuss this at Talk:The Ship (episode) since it involves that article, but from what I see here it seems that the statement could be removed as a nitpick.
I or someone else may move this to that page, in case you look for it later.--31dot 01:24, February 24, 2010 (UTC)

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