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Has anyone seen, or remember, the spoof of the first Star Trek movie? In it's opening, the music for the Klingons is "A Pirate's life we lead!" and when we see Kirk for the first time, the music is "Macho Man!"

If you know ANYTHING about this spoof, please contact me.

CRHEATH I just seen your posting about the spoof My cousin, Ellen Pickles, was studying Media back then and she got a hold of a film reel of ST:TMP. She and her friends converted it to tape and edited the sound and other clips. They toured the local cons with this. She sent Walter Koning a copy of the commercial “Chubby Chekhov’s greatest screams” The only original footage made for the tape. He showed it for a while during his appearances. She never made many copies or showed it outside of cons. She was afraid of getting sued for copyright infringements. With all the piracy going on with YouTube, I don’t think she now has a lot to worry about.

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