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Query previous knowledge of Capt. Pike by James Kirk? It is my understanding that Capt. Kirk had no prior knowledge of Pike before the second pilot of the original series titled "The Managerie". Although Kirk knew of Pike as a former Captain of the Enterprise, he did not know him on a personal level as seen in the latest Star Trek movie. I understand there is a time line change at the end of Star Trek where Spocks Mother is killed, and Vulcan is destoyed but prior to that it was the original timeline. So I am left with questions! Did I miss something back in 1967 or what?? I remember Kirk addressing Capt Pike as Chris but was that command level decorum were equal ranks may be addressed by there given names or was there a closer bond then I percieved. I also noticed some other small discepencies from the novels on star trek and other background information I have read in the past. I have seen or read almost everything on star trek that has come out. Have I missed the boat by that much or do the writers enjoy that much poetic license????

Please see Alternate reality - the new timeline (or "reality") diverges from the old one at the time of Kirk's birth. Everything after that may or may not be different from what we've learned from TOS. -- Cid Highwind (talk) 19:22, December 19, 2012 (UTC)

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